“Your Weekly Check-In is Due”

I promised to journal my experience with WAG (Working Against Gravity) throughout the 12 week journey… So here we go.

Today will mark my 4th weekly check-in, so I’m about a month in. What does a check-in mean? Well today I have to send my nutrition coach a weeks worth of macronutrients (what I ate daily), my weight (I log this daily as well), measurements and progress pictures (left/right/back/front). I also do a sleep, mood, stress and energy check-in and provide a journal of my week; accomplishments, problems, etc.

Confession. I went into this with low/no expectations. I really thought I would hate it and write it off as a giant waste of money… but, I LOVE IT! To be perfectly honest, the first couple weeks were a transition period for me (struggle bus). I was really nervous about messing up. I’m paying for this, so my wallet is on the line. I couldn’t really get into the swing of weighing my food and logging it into a nutrition tracker (I use My Fitness Pal). I had reminder post-it notes and macro cheat sheets scattered around the house; I was overwhelmed. There is a BIG learning curve with WAG, especially if you haven’t tracked macros before.

By week three, I had relaxed a little and started to get into it… Now it’s like second nature. The accountability component is awesome. I workout a lot, so one of my goals through this process has been to increase my performance (lift heavier + get stronger). I’m not interested in loosing weight, so weighing myself daily and seeing the progress pictures has been really helpful in observing how the body recomposition is going (PS. Taking progress pictures in booty shorts and a sports bra with poor lighting is terrifying!!!!).

I’ve tried template programs in the past but didn’t have any luck because no-one was checking in on me. Also – I didn’t have anyone to make adjustments for me. They’re generic.. and I was always starving and feeling faint. My coach (Kate) changes my macros weekly based on my results and how I’m feeling. For example, last week I was freaking out because I thought my protein was too low… and I was petrified of loosing muscle mass. So, based off my concerns (and my results so far) we bumped that nutrient up a little. They may change again after todays check-in.

What have a learnt so far? What do I like? What has been the biggest change in my diet?

I’ve learnt that I respond well to structure. Ok that’s actually not a surprise. I’ve been that way my entire life. I have zero spontaneity! I’m a planner and I thrive off organization. Transferring my organizational skills into a meal roadmap has been very satisfying. I naturally gravitate to a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat/protein, so this program has been great for balancing that out a bit.

I love the 1:1 coaching. It’s great to have a customized plan just for me… It’s even better that my coach is seeing my stats and can visually see whats going on from week-to-week.

The biggest change I’ve made so far… being more mindful. Really taking a self assessment. Am I really hungry? Or am I thirsty? Stressed? Bored? 9/10 times when I think I need to eat, I just need a glass of water. I’m not a big alcohol drinker but I do love a few beers or a cocktail on the weekend. With WAG, you can plan for that. There’s an alcohol calculator… so that’s another thing I’m digging!! With the program I was using before, alcohol was NOT allowed… That’s not realistic for me. If I’m going to dinner with friends/family, I like to have a glass of wine, etc.

So – More to come. So far this has been a win for me!!! Also – You don’t know disappointment until you weigh a serving of peanut butter!!!!! I’ll add you can totally do this program with our food (Carr Eats); just measure/weigh to fit your macros (that’s what I’ve been doing).

[I am not endorsed by WAG. I am endorsing CARR EATS. I am not a nutritionist. I’m doing this for myself and so that I can share my experience with you!!]

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