The F$# Word. FAT!!!

The 90’s did a bang-up job of shunning this glorious macronutrient… but what did that decade really know anyway?! I mean… Snackwells? Olestra WOW chips? Low-fat, fat-free mayo and margarine? Woof!!! In my opinion, the avocado has single handedly (well I guess, technically they are handless), restored societies trust in “good fat” – Fist pump!!! Hooray, fat is back!!! But how much is too much? And when should we use it?

When I cook, I like to think of fat as an accessory. Like, earrings for your plate… they make the outfit but they aren’t the dress. So what the heck am I talking about? Lets ponder the idea of cooking fats vs finishing fats.

If you cook using relatively fat-less methods, you have room in your macros at the end to add deliciousness!!! Let’s take vegetables for example; you can save a lot of added fat by sautéing or steaming them with water. You could also roast’um! You can do ALL of this “cooking” without oil/butter (fat). BUT! At the end… when the veggies are cooked to your liking, you can add fat to “finish” them off. This adds a ton of flavor + nutrition. It also allows you to control how much you are using.

Carr Eats makes a lemon green bean. We steam these beans in a shallow water bath… then when they are at the right doneness, we toss them in lemon juice, salt + pepper. We also add a touch of olive oil for flavor. Since we didn’t cook the beans in oil we can use much less. Finishing the beans off with oil (as opposed to cooking with it), really allows you to taste all the flavors. Or, if you have something like grilled chicken, you can avoid oil in your marinade and garnish it at the end with a homemade pesto (finishing fat)!

Once you start applying this concept of cooking fat vs. finishing fat, I think you’ll find your cooking to be more nutritionally balanced. Or at the very least – you’ll have enough fats left in your day to start dumping avocado on everything… and that would be delicious!!!!!

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