The Best Laid Plan….

Good morning Eaters! As you can see it’s Thursday and not Wednesday… I know I had promised a new post weekly, but yesterday was lousy for me (I told you I was going to be brutally honest). I wasn’t in the headspace to write. Correction. I wasn’t in the headspace to write anything read worthy!!!

At Carr Eats, we’re big on real life. Yesterday was real for me. It just so happens that the nutritional journey I laid out for myself, coincides with listing our house. I love our home and I’m not 100% onboard with selling it… I’m not really even 25% onboard with selling, but by doing so Mr. Eats has promised more options. Included in these options; the opportunity to build our own commercial kitchen! Exciting but terrifying because if our house sells fast we have NO plan. Where will we live?! No clue. So yesterday I spent a majority of the day sulking and crying and yelling and sulking and panicking and panicking more and… eating well!

By some miracle, I fought to urge to stress eat my face off!! I saw that tub of hummus and we could have gotten real friendly, but instead I carefully measured and weighed my macros. I forced myself to the gym. Then something unexpected happened. I felt good. It took me all day to turn my mood around but I was sort of proud of myself for this small victory.

I got to thinking about the concept of controlling the controllable and not focusing on the unknowns. For example. I had a choice yesterday with my food options. I could have blown off the new program. I could have easily justified that to myself “Woe is me! Today’s hard!” – I could have convinced myself skipping the gym wouldn’t have mattered… but the truth is. It would have mattered. These choices are cumulative. It’s perpetual. Healthy eating is a catalyst for much more than just nutrition modififation; It can change your perspective, develop confidence and boost your ability/likelihood to retain these healthy behaviors.

I can control what I put in my body. I can control what I do with it (sulking vs exercising). I can’t control the unknown three weeks from now. So – let’s move that aside and not use it as a crutch or excuse.

Day One in the books! PS If you want to buy our house, I won’t hate you.

[08.30.17 marked day one of a three month Working Against Gravity (WAG) nutritional coaching program. I hope to chronicle my experience and share it with you. I’m not endorsed by WAG nor am I a Registered Dietitian. Just Carr Eat’ing my way though life.]

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