Fairy Lights

I was struggling with what to write about this morning. After staring at a blank white screen for an embarrassing amount of time… I decided to take a nice little mindless scroll through Instagram. Happy couple, happy couple, happy couple… Oh yeah! That’s right Valentine’s Day. 

Nothing says “I love you” like a shot of you-and-yours in an awkward embrace. THEN I STRUCK GOLD. Let me set the mood for you… Effortlessly messy white bedding, complimenting his/her fisherman sweaters, macramé wall hanging (obviously), foreheads touching, eyes closed, intertwined fingers and of all the “natural” things… This couple is knotted-up together in fairly lights!!!! What the actual F is going on here? 

I have so many questions. Who wrapped you in the lights? Is your camera on a tripod with a timer? Does this take place every Sunday OR is it just because it’s a holiday?

Full disclosure I forgot about Valentine’s Day. Boden got nothing and Roger got an extra hour or sleep PLUS a printer-paper handmade valentine. I feel like I really recovered and nailed it. I did nail it! 

I’d like to think the couple in this post argued about filter settings. AND outside their carefully cropped bed-shot is a stained carpet and overflowing laundry basket. So if your V-Day was less than phony-photo perfect? Don’t sweat it.