What is Food?! You are not a lawnmower.

It’s been a hot minute since my last post. Why? Well – There is a real fine line between work and play for me. It’s hard sometimes to set boundaries between what I want to share and what I should keep to myself… So attitude adjustment. I’m going to let YOU decide what you want to read. I’m going to share my story, my journey because ultimately Carr Eats is “my” brand and it should be unapologeticly authentic.

The purpose of this post is something I feel UBER F’ing (I think you know what this really stands for!) passionate about. Food. BUT what is food? How many times do you hear people say “food is fuel?” OMG – Please stop!!!! This makes me want to punch something every time I hear this. Hard stop because…


  • Living organisms are not machines
  • Human bodies aren’t combustion engines

Food is information. When we eat food, it tells our bodies to…

  • Do this – Don’t do that
  • Release this hormone – Don’t release that
  • Express this – Don’t express that

People. You are not a lawnmower!!! Food is really really smart and so is your body!! Food is packed with meaning, information, communication and food tells a story… And not just a chemical story, it’s a story about people. Identifying our “food story” will tell us a lot. A ton actually. For some people (like myself), food is pleasurable. I love eating. I love cooking. I love experimenting with how different foods make me feel and how they can transform my body.

I challenge you to define your food story. If you are looking at what goes in your body as calories in calories vs calories out you are missing a lot. Consider this a further refinement of your BEST SELF. If you’re a binge eater. If you’re a sweet eater. If you diet and fail… If you’ve ever been frustrated with results… It’s most likely because you haven’t defined what food means to you. Or maybe you have and it’s a toxic story.

If you’re trying to improve your relationship with food, change your physique… It is 100% critical to do this homework first and then come up with a strategy. So I challenge you to some homework… Take a few minutes and consider these questions.

  • What is food?
  • What is food… for you?

Is it fuel? Is it information? Is it personal freedom? Is it shame? Is it self-esteem? Is it comfort?

Then consider these questions.

  • What would you like food to be?
  • What do you imagine “it” could be?

If you aren’t familiar with my story – For decades food was control. Food was the enemy. Food was lazy, fat and gross. Food was weakness. Thinking about food was my full-time job… Either how to avoid eating it or how I was going to throw it up. I shifted my food story when I started to view food as power… as a way to explore my interests. As confidence. If this is you and you can’t find your way out. Let’s chat. I won’t/can’t tell you what to do BUT I can listen and talk about my experience.  This is 100% the motivation behind my nutrition coaching program. Big picture. Big story. You will NOT get a macronutrient plan (unless that is part of your story).

When we look at food or think of food… we are looking and thinking through our story. For me now, when I see something like a donut, cake, pasta… I see it through my story. How will I feel after I eat this? How is this going to help me get to where I want to be? How am I going to handle this? Certain foods WILL elicit a feeling of “lazy, fat, gross” – so I can’t have these foods. Let’s call this a better restriction (to the alternative). You know from previous posts – I don’t do moderation. You wouldn’t tell an alcoholic to just have one beer and you can’t tell me to just have one cookie. This is perhaps an area that someone without addictive tendencies can’t understand. Again – This is my philosophy and maybe/surely you are different.

So really put some thought into this. Think big. Don’t answer these questions how you think you “should” answer these questions. Get in there. Get dark if you need to!!! If food is the love you don’t feel for your partner or if food is the shame you feel from yelling at your kids… Honor those feelings. Don’t say “food is family” – Bullshit. Bring that truth to the surface. IF YOU CAN’T BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF… In short… YOU’RE FUCKED (said it for real here). You will fail-and-fall and be miserable until you get real and get honest.

No-one can mind read, so who cares. If you’re embarrassed by your food story – don’t be. Work with whatever is going on in that noggin of yours. When you free yourself from food lies… That’s when we can make some progress.

FOOD IS SO MUCH MORE THAN FUEL. We aren’t robots or cars. We are people!!!!

Do this homework. Comment if you (dis)agree; I read everything (even spam). Share your food story if you want and subscribe to this blog (share with friends) if it’s contents bring any value to your life. Reach out if you need some coaching; I’m here for you and YOU CAN do this (whatever “this” may mean to you).

Health + Happiness,