Growing a Human

Real Talk Baby Post: Growing a human is really weird. In my experience, it’s not really “hard” because nature totally takes over and does it’s thing, while you idly sit by, play host and watch/feel the tremendous changes that are taking place with your body. It’s a wild, semi-hands-off experience.

SURE… You can control things like diet and fitness… but even those things, some days, are a crapshoot. There are the physical changes and WOW are there physical changes!!! Things like muscle loss, back fat, boobs (more boobs), a belly bump, swelling, more fat and more belly. Then there are the hormones and custom symptoms. I say custom symptoms because they very (greatly) from prego-to-prego… Cramps, lightning crotch, fog brain, vagina burning, constipation, sweating, headaches, nausea, acid reflux, vomiting, exhaustion, food aversions, back-pain, insomnia, gum bleeding… The list is endless. BUT here’s the kicker!!!! You can’t talk honestly about any of this outside of your OB (who’s paid to listen to you). EVERYONE has an opinion on YOUR pregnancy.

You can’t say “I feel huge today” because ultimately the reply is “You’re growing a human. You need to eat for the baby.” You can’t say “I’m so tired, I haven’t been sleeping.” because twelve people chime in… “OHHHHH!!!! WAIT TILL THE BABY COMES! You think you aren’t getting sleep now… Hahahaha!” You can’t say “We don’t plan on buying that.” because people go ballistic and say “That’s what you think now! You’ll have kid shit all over the place!” I call these people the One Uppers.

The ones who always have something to say. They trump your concern instead of listening. It makes you crazy. It makes you furious. It makes you really worried for when the baby is actually here and all those One Uppers tell you how to parent. Sure. Block them out… but the noise is loud. Everyone is an expert. I am not an expert. I am an almost 40 something who didn’t think she could get pregnant, got pregnant and now I’m figuring s#%t out. Will I mess up? Yes. Have I messed up? Yes. Am I ok with that??!! YES. So if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant… JUST DO YOU!!! People mean well but sometimes they just suck. #26weeks