Growing Apart

This post might come off a little harsh – but it’s a brutal reality that impedes happiness all the time. Growing apart.

You can’t be completely successful without the support of others; we’re pack animals. BUT you may have people in your life now who don’t fit your current vision for yourself (maybe an old friend).  It’s not selfish to remove these barriers (people); adversity is critical in situational problem solving but if you have a negative influence in your inner circle, this can weigh on you and choke your progress.

For example – If you want to quit smoking and you have that one friend who pushes cigarettes on you and bullies you at every turn… This person may no longer match who you see yourself as, so you have to ponder, “what is this person contributing to my personal growth”?! It’s easier to control your environment than to build willpower. 

I see this a lot with diet + fitness. Couples who don’t support each others wellness. They don’t want the other person to succeed because… well… misery loves company. 1/2 of the relationship is trying to cut out processed foods and the other 1/2 is bringing home cookies, candy and pizza. Maybe they have had several conversations about this and the outcome is always the same… “I’m not going to change just because you want to.”

I’m fortunate to have friends + family who challenge me and provide unwavering underpinning for personal growth. 

  • exercise + eat well together
  • plan + progress together
  • support + be challenged together

Do you have people in your life that don’t check all the boxes above? And I don’t mean someone going through a rough patch… but someone who constantly lives in this “dead weight” space?! Let them go.

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