Clutter + Noise : DA’ INTER WEBS

I believe Positive K’s lyrics “I’m not tryin’ to hear that see” may apply well here (of course – entirely out of context)! Not familure with 90’s hip-hop?! Let me explain.

Disconnect to reconnect online.

I don’t know about you, but I get to this point with my Social Media accounts and email, where it’s all consuming. My first morsel of advice would be to disconnect completely, but typically thats not a real option, since many of us need this for work. So here are some tips I use to lessen the madness!!

Follow + Unfriend: Social Media 

  • Heres the thing. I’m not trying to hear that see… So I WILL unfollow/unfriend you, if you’re not contributing something positive to my live. Scroll through my feed… I have completely eliminated anything that isn’t a positive experienece for me. You’ll see a lot of food, home renovations, Crossfit and dogs… More food! I delete anything that involves negativity, politics, hate or strong opinions (even those I may agree with). Why? I have enough raising my blood pressure in real life – I don’t need to hear/see that on the daily (online).
  • I’m friends with people in real life that I have unfollowed online. It won’t hurt their feelings… they won’t even know! There is something about the internet that turns people obnoxious!
  • Use it for good. Follow things that make you happy and motivate you! Strong athletes, makeup tutorials, LL Bean Puppies, etc…!

Junk : Email

  • Mailing lists: This can really build up. As soon as I get an email I’m not interested in, I force myself to open in, scroll to the bottom and remove myself from the group. This practice has drastically reduced the amount of crap I need to sift through.
  • Answer emails right away: Even if it’s not a complete answer! I find this saves me from having to read the email twice. I also find sorting, labeling and flagging emails to be totally helpful.
  • Auto response: Do you find yourself giving almost the same answer for several emails? Create a note; copy/paste/modify your response from a note. This saves me a TON of time. I also have “notes” for social media tags.

So until next week… and just because it’s a Friday! I Got A Man

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