Warning: This post is raw. Not like, fresh sushi kind of raw… but like, expired, left in the sun, maggot meat kind of raw. I am not ashamed. What you’re about to read is who I am. This is my life and why I find meaning in what I do. This is my long-grind transformation story. I’m sharing because I know people struggling. People struggling with weight, with being a parent, with being a spouse, with money, with life…   Sometimes a transformation isn’t about turning into a butterfly. Sometimes a transformation is about just sorting though a pile of mail and passing on an office donut. Lasting transformations don’t happen overnight, they happen in the long-grind everyday. Anyone [...]

August 23rd, 2018|

(BIG) Goals + (BIG) Dreams

Let’s get really uncomfortable for a moment… and maybe a little rambly. Let’s do an activity (yippie!). Think BIG and wrecklessly. Set a timer, close your eyes and think of 3 BIG goals in 30 seconds…. (3,2,1…) Ok. Now how awkward was that? How small were your goals? Could you even think of three? Were they just tasks? Did you let your mind get large for a second and then you slapped yourself back down? Exactly.  We like to think in rational terms and lists - It’s hard to set the BIG goal because deep down you think you can’t achieve the small steps to get you there. Maybe you think - This goal is too hard. This goal [...]

August 17th, 2018|

And On The 8th Day…

For three years I was on a fitness streak; never missing more than two days of fitness in a row but more likely to workout two times a day (with Sunday being a rest day). Whelp… I went on vacation last week and while it stared with some casual jogs + bodyweight workouts, my ambition petered out and resulted in pure rest.  Upon returning from vacation I was primed to hit the gym but a long day at work knocked me down… so I justified this by digging into more work and poof! I missed two more days at the gym. Despite the fact I feel horrible I keep skipping workouts. Here’s what I’ve learnt during this process.  It’s [...]

August 15th, 2018|
  • cupcakes

Is Moderation Really Best?

We all know the old adage “everything in moderation” but when it comes to diet is moderation really best? When should we completely cut something out of our diet? And why are we afraid to do this? Speaking from (my) experience, if a certain food is a trigger for you, maybe consider removing it fully from your diet instead of continually trying (and failing) to effectively eat this food in moderation. For the purpose of this blog post, I’m defining “trigger” as something that sparks destructive behavior (this could be binging, restricting, purging, isolating, etc.) […]

November 8th, 2017|
  • alumni_neonsign

A Little Thornton Academy Alumni LOVE!!! GO Trojans!!!

Alumni Spotlight Christina Carr ’99 – Owner of Carr Eats Christina Carr graduated from Thornton Academy in 1999. She went on to Syracuse University and graduated from Susquehanna in 2003. Upon graduating, Christina and her boyfriend, Roger St. Ours ’99, moved to New Jersey for several years. At that time, Christina worked for the Army as a civilian in the outdoor recreation program. Later on, a job opportunity took the couple to Arizona for a year. In 2009, they relocated to Maine and bought their first house in Camp Ellis. Once in Maine, Christina worked at Spurwink in the Human Resources Department and later became a pharmaceutical representative. In 2015, she started going to CrossFit Rising Tide in [...]

November 1st, 2017|
  • finger_puppets

Growing Apart

This post might come off a little harsh – but it’s a brutal reality that impedes happiness all the time. Growing apart. You can’t be completely successful without the support of others; we’re pack animals. BUT you may have people in your life now who don’t fit your current vision for yourself (maybe an old friend).  It’s not selfish to remove these barriers (people); adversity is critical in situational problem solving but if you have a negative influence in your inner circle, this can weigh on you and choke your progress. […]

October 18th, 2017|