Brand Building? Oversharing? Get’n deep!

I’ll preface this by saying my writing style is like a story… I don’t really know how to write any other way. I have a tendency to be sarcastic, swear, misuse punctuation and you’ll probably notice a boatload of spelling errors. This is actually amazing… because I have a BA in Journalism (No – for real I do!). Tuition dollars well spent, I’d say. So if you’re looking for the sweet sweet finesse of Hemingway… You won’t get that here. I’m also obsessed with commas, the em dash, and dot dot dot… So! Let’s start from the beginning. Continue reading


Starting in September, Carr Eats is kicking off a 12 week blog series on Dialing in your nutrition. This will be a brutally honest diary of my personal journey; balancing a business, family, friends, LIFE, play and food.