Is Moderation Really Best?

We all know the old adage “everything in moderation” but when it comes to diet is moderation really best? When should we completely cut something out of our diet? And why are we afraid to do this?

Speaking from (my) experience, if a certain food is a trigger for you, maybe consider removing it fully from your diet instead of continually trying (and failing) to effectively eat this food in moderation. For the purpose of this blog post, I’m defining “trigger” as something that sparks destructive behavior (this could be binging, restricting, purging, isolating, etc.) Continue reading


A Little Thornton Academy Alumni LOVE!!! GO Trojans!!!

Alumni Spotlight
Christina Carr ’99 – Owner of Carr Eats

Christina Carr graduated from Thornton Academy in 1999. She went on to Syracuse University and graduated from Susquehanna in 2003. Upon graduating, Christina and her boyfriend, Roger St. Ours ’99, moved to New Jersey for several years. At that time, Christina worked for the Army as a civilian in the outdoor recreation program.

Later on, a job opportunity took the couple to Arizona for a year. In 2009, they relocated to Maine and bought their first house in Camp Ellis. Once in Maine, Christina worked at Spurwink in the Human Resources Department and later became a pharmaceutical representative.

In 2015, she started going to CrossFit Rising Tide in Saco. “I was in rough shape. I’ve always been physically active but Roger and I had just finished renovating our house. I did nothing to take care of myself during this time. I wasn’t eating that great, I wasn’t sleeping and I was always thinking about work.”

After joining CrossFit, Christina began experimenting with different food groups to help with daily slumping energy levels. After much research about proteins, carbs and fats, along with personal experimentation, she began to feel better and more energetic. She began offering her homemade meals to her CrossFit family and things took off! There was such a demand for her cooking that in 2016 she went into business for herself and CarrEats was born.

CarrEats is a meal prep company that specializes in real, unprocessed foods. Christina cooks out of the Fork Food Lab in Portland and delivers her meals to CrossFit gyms throughout Southern Maine. “Self-employment is terrifying but equally rewarding. There isn’t a safety-net, just ideas and hustle! I love what I do and my clients inspire me daily.”

To learn more about CarrEats and how you can order some of Christina’s delicious and healthy meals visit


Growing Apart

This post might come off a little harsh – but it’s a brutal reality that impedes happiness all the time. Growing apart.

You can’t be completely successful without the support of others; we’re pack animals. BUT you may have people in your life now who don’t fit your current vision for yourself (maybe an old friend).  It’s not selfish to remove these barriers (people); adversity is critical in situational problem solving but if you have a negative influence in your inner circle, this can weigh on you and choke your progress. Continue reading


Clutter + Noise : DA’ INTER WEBS

I believe Positive K’s lyrics “I’m not tryin’ to hear that see” may apply well here (of course – entirely out of context)! Not familure with 90’s hip-hop?! Let me explain.

Disconnect to reconnect online.

I don’t know about you, but I get to this point with my Social Media accounts and email, where it’s all consuming. My first morsel of advice would be to disconnect completely, but typically thats not a real option, since many of us need this for work. So here are some tips I use to lessen the madness!! Continue reading


My Two Cents…

Lets cut through that macro chatter!! Counting “macros” means you’re counting macronutrients… it’s basically “fancy” calorie counting.

Some quick science:

  • Carbohydrates = 4 calories
  • Protein = 4 calories
  • Fat = 9 calories

Here’s why Carr Eats doesn’t provide a macro count for meals. Short answer = Because if we did it would NOT be very accurate. Food companies need to have their food analyzed in a lab to have the nutritional facts correct. Then they need to make that product the exact same way every time… using the same proportions and the same nutritionally dense product (down to the fraction of an ounce/gram). Unless there is a machine manufacturing this product, accuracy is doubtful. I find it amusing that companies are slapping this on a label when I know they shouldn’t be. I get it… counting macros is trendy right now, and it sells, but at best it’s an approximation! People that are really tracking their macronutrients don’t do “approximations” they do exact calculations.

So to my point… If you want to track your macros, I recommend deconstructing meals, weighing them at home and entering them into a fitness application (such as My Fitness Pal). If you think I’m wrong and you’re under the impression that the macro breakdown other meal prep companies who haven’t had their food analyzed… is accurate. Just look at what they post vs what you get for numbers on your own after weighing/logging your food at home. I’m willing to bet, these numbers aren’t the same. Maybe not even close!

Lets look at peanut butter. A serving size is 1 Tablespoon or approximately 15grams. You really need to weigh this to be accurate and the difference between 1-2 grams is HUGE! The spoon is useless you need a scale.

What we do offer. Carr Eats provides a range. We aim for about 30 grams of protein and 25-30 grams of carbohydrates in each meal. Roughly 25-30% protein/fat, 30-50% carbs (moderate). The salads are roughly 40-50% protein, 30-40% fat, 10-30% carbs (lower). We never cook with dairy and the added fat source comes from coconut/olive/canola oils.

We strive for a healthy balance. Someday when we are much larger and the FDA requires this, we will take to testing. For now, we will provide you with a wide variety of options and keep your bellies happy + healthy!


“Your Weekly Check-In is Due”

I promised to journal my experience with WAG (Working Against Gravity) throughout the 12 week journey… So here we go.

Today will mark my 4th weekly check-in, so I’m about a month in. What does a check-in mean? Well today I have to send my nutrition coach a weeks worth of macronutrients (what I ate daily), my weight (I log this daily as well), measurements and progress pictures (left/right/back/front). I also do a sleep, mood, stress and energy check-in and provide a journal of my week; accomplishments, problems, etc. Continue reading


The F$# Word. FAT!!!

The 90’s did a bang-up job of shunning this glorious macronutrient… but what did that decade really know anyway?! I mean… Snackwells? Olestra WOW chips? Low-fat, fat-free mayo and margarine? Woof!!! In my opinion, the avocado has single handedly (well I guess, technically they are handless), restored societies trust in “good fat” – Fist pump!!! Hooray, fat is back!!! But how much is too much? And when should we use it?

When I cook, I like to think of fat as an accessory. Like, earrings for your plate… they make the outfit but they aren’t the dress. So what the heck am I talking about? Lets ponder the idea of cooking fats vs finishing fats. Continue reading


Lifting for Lungs


Using this post to drop some cool info!!! The extended Carr Eats team (oh yeah.. The Momma, the Poppa, the Sis’ta and the Mist’a) will be slinging drool worthy burgers with me in support of our friends new lungs. Lifting for Lungswill take place at Crossfit Rising Tide, Saco ME on Saturday October 14th. Let’s get this clear!!! I don’t like mobile kitchens… they stress me out! But this is such an AMAZING cause, that I’ll be dragging gear and getting chef’y out in a parking lot!!! Continue reading


Dear Immersion Blender. I love you. (+Free Recipe)


If you’ve ever seen my counters you know I’m not a gadgets person. I don’t even like toasters because, well… the oven does a fine job at browning bread – so why waste your money?! BUT I love immersion blenders. If you want to save some dinero (and upgrade your meals), BUY one! Carr Eats uses this small appliance heavy handedly…  she does a bang-up job on mayo, dressings, and mashed veggies! As your reward for reading this far… The secret behind our Dijon Vinaigrette. PS. If you’re buying store bought salad dressings… just stop that blasphemy immediately!!! They are bogged down with tons of crap and soooo easy to make at home. Continue reading


The Best Laid Plan….

Good morning Eaters! As you can see it’s Thursday and not Wednesday… I know I had promised a new post weekly, but yesterday was lousy for me (I told you I was going to be brutally honest). I wasn’t in the headspace to write. Correction. I wasn’t in the headspace to write anything read worthy!!!

At Carr Eats, we’re big on real life. Yesterday was real for me. It just so happens that the nutritional journey I laid out for myself, coincides with listing our house. I love our home and I’m not 100% onboard with selling it… I’m not really even 25% onboard with selling, but by doing so Mr. Eats has promised more options. Included in these options; the opportunity to build our own commercial kitchen! Exciting but terrifying because if our house sells fast we have NO plan. Where will we live?! No clue. So yesterday I spent a majority of the day sulking and crying and yelling and sulking and panicking and panicking more and… eating well!

By some miracle, I fought to urge to stress eat my face off!! I saw that tub of hummus and we could have gotten real friendly, but instead I carefully measured and weighed my macros. I forced myself to the gym. Then something unexpected happened. I felt good. It took me all day to turn my mood around but I was sort of proud of myself for this small victory.

I got to thinking about the concept of controlling the controllable and not focusing on the unknowns. For example. I had a choice yesterday with my food options. I could have blown off the new program. I could have easily justified that to myself “Woe is me! Today’s hard!” – I could have convinced myself skipping the gym wouldn’t have mattered… but the truth is. It would have mattered. These choices are cumulative. It’s perpetual. Healthy eating is a catalyst for much more than just nutrition modififation; It can change your perspective, develop confidence and boost your ability/likelihood to retain these healthy behaviors.

I can control what I put in my body. I can control what I do with it (sulking vs exercising). I can’t control the unknown three weeks from now. So – let’s move that aside and not use it as a crutch or excuse.

Day One in the books! PS If you want to buy our house, I won’t hate you.

[08.30.17 marked day one of a three month Working Against Gravity (WAG) nutritional coaching program. I hope to chronicle my experience and share it with you. I’m not endorsed by WAG nor am I a Registered Dietitian. Just Carr Eat’ing my way though life.]