And On The 8th Day…

For three years I was on a fitness streak; never missing more than two days of fitness in a row but more likely to workout two times a day (with Sunday being a rest day). Whelp… I went on vacation last week and while it stared with some casual jogs + bodyweight workouts, my ambition petered out and resulted in pure rest. 

Upon returning from vacation I was primed to hit the gym but a long day at work knocked me down… so I justified this by digging into more work and poof! I missed two more days at the gym. Despite the fact I feel horrible I keep skipping workouts. Here’s what I’ve learnt during this process. 

It’s really easy to make excuses and it’s really hard to JUST START! And… This is coming from someone who LOVES exercise; who at times has been accused of being addicted to it. So really this post is directly pointed to anyone who can’t get motivated to lace up their shoes and MOVE – I feel you! 

Let’s commit to ending this cracked, crumbling, rut and reclaim our potential. I KNOW I’m less grumpy, more productive, kinder, less manic, less depressed and generally less shitty when I’m in a fitness/nutrition routine. I’m committing to YOU that I’ll roll myself out of this ditch. I believe you should do the same. We all have _________ (something) that locks our feet to the floor. Chains our mind to negative thoughts. SO… Right now. Stop what your doing; start a note on your phone or on a piece of paper. Outline your day tomorrow. Plan it around your fitness; meal prep. Write out when you will eat. What you will eat. When you will work. When you will workout. What will you need? Go get/do these things now. Pack a lunch. Put your gym bag in the car. Double check you list. Set your alarm. Drink some water. Program the coffee pot. Remove the excuses. 

I know if I sit in front of a computer for too long it sucks me in, so while it may seem obvious my plan includes time outside. Stepping away from the desk. Putting work away after a set time. Staying off my phone and out of email after 4:00pm; 10+ hours of straight screen time is enough to make anyone nuts. I don’t really do “balance” I operate in extremes and right now I’m flying at 100mph and need a fitness intervention!!! Do the same.  

Conclusion: Missing 8 days of exercise is about 6 too many. #math 

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